When I was 19, out of focus and underexposed, my mother gave me her Canon FTb 35mm film camera , which my grandfather had given to her.   She presented it to me just before I embarked on a 2 week road trip into the desert of the American Southwest.
I came home with 23 rolls of film.

I have been storytelling through photography ever since.

 a little about me……

I photograph people.
People who want to tell a story.
Or who want to be a part of a story.
Or have decided to create one of their own.

 I have been blessed with the 3 most important things in my life. 
1. My Family.
2. My Westcoast.
3. My Camera.

I find sublime in everything I see.

I am in love with love.

I thrive in the presence of others and meeting new people,

and  I would love the chance to take your picture.

Let’s swap stories. Let’s make magic.




Georgia Johnston graduated from Western Academy of Photography in 2010 with a diploma in Professional Photography. She is based out of Victoria, BC. And she will follow you across the world to take your photograph.