chelsea & brett's seaside mountaintop springtime elopement

chelsea and brett eloped last may, 
on a mountain top, as the sun went down.
and as far as photographer's dreams go, 
this was as good as it gets. 

i had met chelsea years before, at a summer job we both hated, 
and we connected on a level that kept our friendship ignited throughout the years,
long after those summer days of bussing tables and running food. 
after getting new jobs, moving to new cities, and starting our own companies, 
we remained in contact, 
and when she wrote to tell me she was eloping with
THE MAN OF HER DREAMS, and she wanted me to be there to capture it, 
my heart did a swan dive into a luscious pool of

with just a handful of people by their side, 
we spent the day
exploring the seaside and surrounding forrest
stopping for cheeseburgers and golden graham milkshakes, 
and then driving, top down, to the top of Mt Douglas

And with the setting sun at their witness,
 they took each other, 
as man an wife.

these two are truer blue than dallas road spring sky.

here is the story of chelsea & brett.

thea & greg's gorgeous autumn garden wedding

thea & greg's wedding took place on the 1st of october,
an ethereal, grey morning mist
and dewdrops as far as the eye could see. 
it was the meeting place,
            where summer met fall, 
such an electricity in the air,
one season melting into the other. 

it was cool, but not cold. 

the skies swelled, but held back the rain.

and then,
           after the i do's in the garden, 
we took off for tacos and the seascapes just as the skies began to part
so the sun could say goodnight, 
           and the summer could say goodbye. 



Second Shooter: Meaghan Konopaki
Ceremony: Villa Marco Polo
Reception: Fireside Grill
Wedding Coordinator: Kira Star with Details
Dress: White Peony, made by Truvelle
Groom's suit: Outlooks, made by Strellson
Bridesmaid Dresses: Blush Bridal, made by Lela Rose
Flowers: Rook & Rose
Cake: Ruth and Dean
Hair: Amanda Adamec of Studio 2 Hair Design
Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Trish
Limo: Alpine Limousines
DJ: Capitol City DJ

portraits: jeannine & reinardt

Jeannine and Reinardt. 

What an enchanting love to photograph. 
It was heavy but weightless at the same time;
fierce but intimate;
exciting but comfortable.
They would look into each others eyes and it seemed as if the entire world disappeared - 

And these images are so beautiful because you can see that love.

As the light dances from shadow to sun, 
wraping the skin with a soft glow
or sneaks a peek at blushing smile, 
These two, relaxed and confident in each others arms, 
draw you in like a moth to a flame.

Jeannine's striking, effortless beauty, 
and Reinardt's infectious, infatuating smile, 
only sing back-up to something
You can see these two get lost in each other. 
It was magical to experience first hand, that kind of love, 
and I'm so thankful I'm able to share that magic with you through photography, 
something I myself hold so dear to my heart. 

amie & russ

These two. 

Married beneath a mid-summer's lush canopy of maples leaves,
paper cranes swaying in the wind,
Amie and Russ tied the knot after 11 years (!!!) together,
in the backyard of her father's house in the Cowichan Valley. 

I came to tour the location the week before and was greeted by Amie,
sleeves rolled up, brow sweaty, 
pushing a lawn-mower up and over roots and slopes and weedy patches, 
in preparation for the big day. 
Over the last year, with the unconditional help of family and close friends, there had been countless hours spent rototilling and weeding and hacking and building and digging the newly bought property so it could play it's role as main stage for their fairy-tale wedding. 
The transformation was not only impressive, it was inspiring. There was a forested area filled with white-barked birch trees and hanging lights, cozy outdoor "living rooms" made of vintage furniture, and countless handmade paper cranes hanging from lilac bushes. The ceremony took place on top of a carpet of clover and in the shade provided by a circle of surrounding towering trees. 
Lace and laterns and wildflowers - Everything about this wedding was gorgeous. A lush, private setting that proved to be picture perfect all the way until the end of the night when Amie and Russ shared their first dance in the birch forest at twilight, surrounded by twinkle lights threaded through the branches. 
I remember leaving this wedding and vowing that I would find a way to become apart of this family. They were just that lovely. And hilarious. 
I wanted in. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them.
Thanks again to Amie and Russ - I wish you unbound adventure and eternal happiness.