Melissa & Dylan

Melissa and Dylan got married this past December in a far off, magical land - 
A place where mermaids swim and magic is abundant,
where the azure sky melts into the horizon, turning the water into a chameleon of brightly coloured greens and blues.
Where the music is always playing, 
while the dancers find love under the warm moon and starry skies, 
and the palm trees sway to the slow rhythm of the easy, care-free lifestyle.

I was asked to be apart of this wedding about a year and a half ago, and had been counting down the days in excitement ever since. I had known the groom, Dylan, since my high school days and was thrilled not only to get to know Melissa better too - but to shoot her stunning beauty under that fabulous Mexican sun. 

They were married on the beach in the low afternoon light, 
backs to the wind and the ocean and the clouds,
surrounded by a small group of close family and friends
on a white sand beach that stretched for miles - as far as the eye could see. 

After the ceremony, we snuck off for some photos in the sunset. 
After the photos, the party started. 
And Mexicans, if you didn't already know,
know how to throw a party. 
The dancing started and it didn't stop. The staff kept the drinks pouring the food coming (The dinner was plated and 5 courses) and even jumped in to boogie-down once or twice. The dance floor lit-up in different coloured squares. AND there were fireworks. 

Here is the story of Melissa and Dylan.