anna & tyler


I remember the day that Anna told me she was going to marry Tyler. It was looonnng before he actually asked her....

Anna and I hadn't seen each other in awhile, and it was the first time I had heard about him - not long after they had first met. 

"I'm going to marry this man" she said.  I remember it.

Here we are, many moons later, and not only have I been lucky enough to know these two beautiful people throughout their relationship, 

I've been delighted to photograph her pregnancy, and their engagement.....and now, the big fat cherry on that delicious, metaphorical cake - their New Year's Eve, Gatsby-themed wedding.

Anna has been a muse of mine for years. Aside from her drop-dead, stunning beauty (which seems almost redundant to mention),
She has an inner light, 
That ANYBODY who has known this woman - for a minute, for a year, for a lifetime - knows.
That electric laugh and ferocious, contagious smile...
(AND an uncanny ability to conjure, design and organize an extremely creative and elegant wedding AND give birth to her first child ALL within a year...)


The biggest, warmest, wholest and brightest congratulations to these two - 
I truly believe you two are soul mates and am so excited to see your new family grow. 

Listen and Look!



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